Is there a minimum to book?
Yes, we have a minimum requirement of 2 people for each service you book with us.
For example: If you are a Bride who is looking to book Bridal hair and Bridal makeup services, you will need to book an additional of 2 hair services and 2 make up services for bridesmaids or attendees. 

I just want to book Bridal hair and makeup. Is that an option?

Absolutely. We can be flexible, so please reach out!


Where do I go for the trials?

Trials are held at our live/work space located in West Seattle. 

Where do I park my car?
There is off street parking for limited for 2 hours.

I want to reserve the date with your team without a trial. Can I do that?

Yes, Trials are not mandatory. Although we will want to plan to have 1.5 hrs with you on the day of the wedding. We can proceed with a contract without a trial.

Do I pay the trial fee before or after the trial date?

 Payment for the trial is separate from the contract. You can either pay online when scheduling or pay in person (preferred) with the options of:

Venmo app: jenice-lim
Apple pay: (650) 464-0610

How far out can I schedule a trial? 

 Trials need to be made within 3 weeks of inquiry. Once your trial date is set, we will put a  soft hold on your wedding date. If you plan to book months out, you will need to reach out again to see if there is availability with our team. 

What does a soft hold mean? 
We will put a soft hold on your wedding day until we do a trial. If another bride decides to book us without a trial and signs a contract before your trial date, you will recieve a notification that we have been booked. However we will not book another trial before your trial date for a wedding on the same date as yours. To avoid this, please book your trial as soon as possible.


What’s next after the trial?

You will receive an email from us to get your feedback. If you decide to move forward, a contract will be made between the client and Jenice. There will be a 48 hour period to sign the contract once it has been sent to your email. If  the contract is not signed within 48 hours,  we will need to reopen your wedding date.


What does the contract entail?

You will need to provide additional information along with a signature from the client. 50% of your total quote will need to be made out to Jenice. The remainder of the 50% quote will need to made out 15 days before your wedding date.


What's next after the contract?

You will receive an email reminding you to pay the remainder of the quote 15 days before the wedding date. You will also receive a schedule if you have a large party along with a preparation sheet.


What form of payment do you accept?

We accept the Venmo app, Paypal, Apple pay or Cash

Venmo app: jenice-lim
Apple pay: (650) 464-0610


I realized after I signed the contract, there are bridesmaids/attendees that no longer need hair/makeup services. Will I be able to change the remaining balance?

The contract is final. No changes can be made.

I need to change the start time but i've already signed the contract. What do I do?
We will always try to  accomodate you so that your wedding day goes seamlessly. Please make sure to reach out to us!

It has been over 15 days before my wedding to send the remaining balance. What will happen?
We understand that this happens. Its ideal to receive your deposit before 15 days so that we can create a schedule and discuss a set look. You will also receive a preparation sheet that the whole party needs to go over. If you fail to send your remaining balance the night before your wedding, we will believe our services are no longer needed. 


Do I get to choose my artist and stylist?

Yes, depending on their availability. During our exchange of emails, Jenice will pair you with the artist that can best deliver the look you are looking for. Our artists and stylists have been in the industry for over 10 years with a versatile and strong skill set in either hair or makeup.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Can the Artist and Stylist suggest the look for my wedding day?

Absolutely, we want to make sure you look and feel your best. If you are unsure of the look you want, we recommend a trial. If you decide you don't want a trial, we will have a thorough consultation on the day of the wedding.


Are lashes included with the makeup services?

Yes! We provide lashes in the Bridal makeup service as well as bridesmaids/attendees services. We also provide individual lashes at an additional cost of $20.

Do you provide hair accessories?
Yes. Our stylists are mindful of the trends when in comes to hair accessories. We keep a few hair pieces in our kits. Please make sure to ask what's available during your trial or wedding day.

Do you use provide airbrushing?

No, our makeup artists believe that using traditional tools, such as beauty blender, work the best to give a natural and flawless finish.